Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Improving the startup eco-system in Dallas

This is my response to Alex's post, Building a better startup eco-system in Dallas.

I think part of the problem is that there doesn't appear to be much of a "hacker" culture here in Dallas. Today's hackers could be tomorrow's investors (assuming they can get their companies off the ground). I've gone out looking for fellow hackers at several local user group meetings. I even did a presentation on Android at the Dallas Tech Fest in the hopes of drawing some out. I've only met one person, Will (aka The Black Dilbert) who'd I potentially call a hacker (I still don't know him very well, but he seems cool.)

By hacker, I mean, you're the opposite of a shopcoder. You don't stop coding at 5:00 pm. You go home and work on stuff that you find fun and interesting. You're likely contribute to open source projects. You probably have a website where others can download your code. I know there has to be more of you in Dallas than what I've seen, where are you guys? We need to get together and share ideas.

I get jealous when my friend Dustin, who lives Santa Clara, tells me about hacker-centric events like the Supper Happy Dev House.

Why can't we have events like this in Dallas? I'd host one myself if I had the space available, does anyone want to step up and host/sponser an all night hackathon?