Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GoogleTranslateEngine 0.9.3 released

GoogleTranslateEngine 0.9.3 can be obtained from my software page. This is a minor release that in no way alters the functionality of the library. Google is apparently tweaking their translation engine for better accuracy, and their tweaks broke a few of my unit tests. I also fixed a null pointer exception that I was getting on occasion.

I've been focusing on studying REST design for over a month now with brief excursions into ruby on rails. I'll soon compose a review of the excellent book RESTful Web Services, by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby, well, just as soon as I finish reading it.

I initially attempted to craft my own restlet interface for the GoogleTranslateEngine, however I quickly realized that I didn't understand HTTP and RESTful design as well as I thought I did. This book has gone a long way towards correcting that.

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