Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Image-TestJPG-1.0 released to CPAN

Today I released a new version of Image-TestJPG

I fixed some build errors that prevented it from building on the newer incarnations of gcc. Updated some bad documentation for it's usage, and that kind of stuff.

I've tested it, but only very lightly.

Truth be told , I don't use enough perl anymore to really care how well this works so long as it works. Coding in xs, the language which binds perl to C is painful. The perlxstut is out of date, so instead of recreating a whole new module structure with h2xs I just fixed the existing one, which is 10 years old now. But hey, it works! I haven't practiced much with C since college. I just don't work on application tiers where C is needed very often.

Oh yeah, what's this thing do? It's very simple really, it tells you if a jpg is corrupted or not.

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